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 Two IRC-based Touhou Roleplays

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Two IRC-based Touhou Roleplays Empty
PostSubject: Two IRC-based Touhou Roleplays   Two IRC-based Touhou Roleplays EmptyThu Oct 30, 2014 2:08 am

For anyone interested, a couple of Touhou roleplays I found over an IRC.
It involves downloading a client (especially if you'd like to keep logs by yourself) and the set-up for that is very easy.

As the application process goes, you apply for an untaken character through an application. Moderators [s]skim[/s] thoroughly read through it and judge whether you're ready to take on the character and maybe at a few suggestions on how to make your application better.

Both communities' forums and wikis are down, thus, the only way to get on applying/roleplay is through asking the moderation team. Probably will involve dropping your application into a pastebin and politely handing it in.

The communities are rather laid-back and don't force you to require every day, but encourage that you both seek and offer roleplay whenever you can.

Option 1: Gensoukyou Eastern Story
Forums: http://forums.genouskyoueasternstory.net/
Wiki: http://wiki.gensoukyoueasternstory.net/
( Currently both down )
--Main Channel: #General

IRC Alternative: None currently.

Option 2: Edge of Perspective
Forums: http://rp.edgeofperspective.net/
Wiki: http://forums.edgeofperspective.net/
( Currently both down )
Server: youmu.edgeofperspective.net
--Channel: #Gensoukyou_OOC

IRC Alternative: None currently.

My IRC client suggestion: http://hexchat.github.io/ (Hexchat)
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Two IRC-based Touhou Roleplays
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