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 Touhou Pocket Wars Evo +

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PostSubject: Touhou Pocket Wars Evo +   Touhou Pocket Wars Evo + EmptyFri Dec 27, 2013 10:49 pm

Touhou Pocket Wars Evo + Touhou-Pocket-War-EVO-Plus1

Let's ignore the ecchi-ness of this photo, because the game is actually not very ecchi at all. In fact, it's a really great visual-novel with dating sim elements that's also a monster-collecting RPG, and I devoted hours and hours of time to this game. In which completed it very quickly. But it's very good.

So...well, anyone who plays it? What's your main team like?

As for me, I usually go with a rotation of Tenshi, Utsuho, Marisa, and Yuuka, as I'm really a hit-them-hard-and-fast type. I'm not too particular on buffs and debuffs except for damage/accuracy buffs. Mostly relying on accuracy and ridiculous power for everything is the quickest way to beat everyone. Tenshi is a very good all-around since she can hit well from close, medium, and far places with high power and good stats, so she's one of my favorites. Utsuho is also a very good everywhere attacker hitting up to 300% ish with that really big sun attack that can seriously OHKO everyone. Marisa is like hit and miss because she has no accuracy modifiers, but her speed and attack is good. Yuuka is a lot slower but has more powerful attacks that also miss a lot...well, accuracy is very, very important in this game.

Overall I found it to be a lot like Pokemon, but with a dating-sim ness, so that is amazingly cool.

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Touhou Pocket Wars Evo +
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