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 Bunbun Guides: General Touhou Tips

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Usagi !!

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Bunbun Guides: General Touhou Tips Empty
PostSubject: Bunbun Guides: General Touhou Tips   Bunbun Guides: General Touhou Tips EmptyMon Jan 13, 2014 9:15 pm

Some general tips for playing the danmaku games effectively. I regularly 1cc Normal and it seemed like some people around here had trouble with the games, sooo...

1. Stay very calm (duh).
2. Watch your hitbox. Look for bullet patterns and gaps in shots.
3. It isn't always a good idea to use focus.
4. Bomb whenever you think that you may even just possibly be in danger.
5. You're not confined to the bottom of the screen. Circling the enemy is necessary sometimes.
6. Bomb the very instant you hear the death FX.
7. Bullets kill when your hitbox hits the white area within them. Not the bullet itself: just the center.
8. Move with the bullets, weave through the gaps.
9. Many patterns can be avoided just by moving up and down.

More may come later.
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Bunbun Guides: General Touhou Tips
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