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 Eientei Pharmacy and Laboratory [Open RP]

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Eientei Pharmacy and Laboratory [Open RP] Empty
PostSubject: Eientei Pharmacy and Laboratory [Open RP]   Eientei Pharmacy and Laboratory [Open RP] EmptyWed Jan 15, 2014 10:46 pm


'Well...that didn't go right', thought Eirin as she rushed around the lab table, arcing lightning off of strategically placed rods that created a containment field around the brewing explosion. Suffice to say, she was running out of power. This was an explosion of epic proportions- why in hell did she need to make this for some cruddy humans at war?! Then suddenly there was a snap and the power held tight inside the electrical shield imploded and and faded, sucking in all the light and energy held within this small corner of the lab. Eirin dropped her arms and leaned slowly against the wall, panting slightly from the severe drain of holding back such a violent blast of force. Soon the light above her table fluttered back on, revealing the body of a small child that looked nothing more than a few days old- a veritable infant.

"What. The. FUCK!?" called out the woman in a blatant fit of rage.

How in hell had this happened to her, the greatest scientist to ever live?

Eirin woke up to the blaring sound of an alarm clock, a police siren placed not more than a fraction of an inch away from her ear. What? She was a heavy sleeper. Smiling lightly to herself, she remembered her dream and looked back fodnly at the memory of that fateful day that changed her life radically.

"Hey, Ma!" came a call from downstairs followed by the clomping of boots and a knock on her bedroom door, "I have breakfast setup for you in the kitchen." Then he opened the door a smidge and pushed his head in, his dark locks whisping over the green-lensed glasses adorning his whimsically twinkling eyes. This was that same baby from the experiment, only about eight years later. Though the child, Atmos, she had named him, was far from being a child. He seemed to age in the opposite direction as her. She had essentially stalled after her first million years of age, and at the tender age of 999,999,999, she looked damn good for her age. Having the body of a rather attractive 21 year old paid off.

"See you down in five minutes?" questioned the young man, the wisdom in his eyes beyond his years on this earth.

"Of course, hun," was the scientist's response, a smile flitting across her face. Yes, life was good.

Eyes twinkling once more, Atmos pulled his out, but then soon popped it back in and said, "Happy birthday, Ma."

Oh yeah, it was Eirin's one billionth birthday today.
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Eientei Pharmacy and Laboratory [Open RP]
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