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 [Open] Not a creature was stirring...

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PostSubject: [Open] Not a creature was stirring...   Thu Jan 23, 2014 2:15 am

It was early morning.
Very early and cold morning.
And, well, there is one creature stirring before the hustle and bustle of the Human Village.

Nazrin, a short, grey-haired mouse, slings a comfortable fleece scarf around her neck as she starts to head out of "her" room's door with one of her dowsers. She had taken enough care to not slam the door too hard, for she didn't want to wake up the more noisier residents like Murasa and Nue. The last thing she needed were those two creeps hanging around her shoulder bugging her where she was going off to.

She effortlessly walked across the creaky floorboards, though, figuring that it wouldn't matter if she was slowly trotting upon them. She knew by now that it wouldn't matter how much pressure she put on those rickety things; they would make noise regardless.

...Before exiting the hallway, the mouse found that she couldn't help but check on her disc-- master's room. With a slow dragging of a dowser along the door, she saw that the girl was sleeping... or, well, so it seemed. Perhaps she felt a bit lonely about something of that sight... but she didn't stay long.
A few moments was long enough.
Nazrin was out the door to brave through the cold, winter air directly after.


The cold air was a bit much for the short girl in the first couple of times, but this time around, she had grown used to it. Used to it, but still rather cold.
Nazrin had reached the Human Village in no time, and with a huff of puffy breath, she finally spoke.

"...Why am I doing this again?"

The mouse's eyes gazed down at her red scarf and made a slow, gently huff. The sight of the thing made her eyes soften a bit, but it also made her stomach twist in knots... in the bad sort of way.

"Hijiri..." She had frowned slightly at the name, but the mouse caught herself and shook her thoughts away and continued into the village. She was to buy a few sweet rolls from one of the humans who baked them fresh throughout the day and sold them generously. The shopkeeper was kind, generous...

Ugh, just like Hijiri.


(( Anyone can hop on in and join! I don't mind any one of those Myouren Templooks waking up. ))
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PostSubject: Re: [Open] Not a creature was stirring...   Thu Jan 23, 2014 12:35 pm

Well, this was new. The oft-called spider maid looked up at the white stuff falling from the sky with child-like curiosity. Snow... That was what her master called it. Kaseiko didn't really know what to think of the white stuff except it was cold and wet on her skin, and she was very grateful her fake legs covered her real ones. But there was something... kind of magical about it. She didn't know what it was, but couldn't help but look at it. She was dimly aware there was other people nearby, she could "see" them, they were probably wonder why she was just standing there, but she couldn't really bring herself to care. Not right now, anyway.
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[Open] Not a creature was stirring...
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