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 Sei Yagami{Done}

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Roleplay info

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PostSubject: Sei Yagami{Done}   Sei Yagami{Done} EmptyWed Mar 05, 2014 7:40 pm

The Trickster

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Name: Sei Yagami
Age: Unknown
Personality: Sei doesn't just have one personality. He has his kind persona, his clumsy persona, his serious persona. It's unknown which of them is the real him, but that may simply be a part of the grand illusion. When he does get serious, he is very cunning and even frightening. This side of him is rarely shown, but should he decide to drop his stupidity act, it's suggested you withdraw at once.
Species: Dimensional Youkai
Gender: Male
Faceclaim: Daemon Spade


History: -To be added-
Hobbies: He loves taunting and tricking people, he also enjoys chess and reading books.
Talents: Manipulating the minds of people and bending them to his will with words alone. He's a very dangerous man.


Hair Color:
Hair Length: To his waist.
Hair Style: Wild and wavy.
Eye Color: Metallic Silver
Shape of Pupils: Round
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 6'3
Weight: --
Body Features: None


He wears a hood at all times.
Ears: Crescent earrings.
Face: --
Neck: --
Torso: A black cloak
Waist: Black cloak
Legs: Black pants.
Shoes: Black boots
Accessories: --


Weapon/s: Death Scythe, Staves, Potions.

Dimensional Portals:
He can open circular portals wherever he pleases and to whatever destination he so chooses. It works in the same vein as Yukari's gaps, but also different as he allows anyone to travel through them and there are no side effects.  

Immense Magical Prowess:
Sei is a master sorcerer, and as such can bend any element to his will. He also has the attributes of darkness and light to aid him. This also allows him to fly, levitate and teleport at will.

Immense Physical Endurance:
For a sorcerer, one would expect him to be able to tank no damage at all, but in a twist. He's trained his body for that exact reason, to catch people off guard. He's a master at martial arts and close combat, he even mixes his magic with his martial arts at times, resulting in a destructive fighting style.

Illusions: He's able to create illusions if he catches people in the field of his attack. The strength of the illusion varies depending on how powerful the opponent.

He's capable of bending weaker beings to his will, humans, youkai, demons, angels, even lesser Gods.  However, this only works on the weakest of beings, as in creatures on the same power level of fairies. Should he want to subjugate a stronger adversary, he'd need to focus a lot of magic and he'd rather not do that.


Magical Prowess
Physical Prowess
Cunning intellect{IQ of 210}


Arrogance{At times}
Becoming attached, he does have a heart, despite being so sinister and he lets his emotions get in the way of his work far too often.
Idiocy, he does enjoy being an idiot and the reluctance to be serious and use his powers to their full potential often bites him in the ass.

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Sei Yagami{Done}
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