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 Youmu Konpaku [Just need history]

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Roleplay info

Youmu Konpaku [Just need history] Empty
PostSubject: Youmu Konpaku [Just need history]   Youmu Konpaku [Just need history] EmptyThu Mar 06, 2014 10:51 pm

Placeholder please.

Two-Sword Fencing of Life: Youmu Konpaku



Name: Youmu Konpaku
Age: 52 [Appearance wise, young 16-18]
Personality: Youmu is a very straightforward person, and because of that, says what she means and doesn’t cut things here and there. She won’t usually lie because of this, and can sometimes insult people without completely realizing it. Luckily for her occupation, she is a hard worker, trying her hardest at the things she does, even though she may not be very good at them. As someone who is very skilled with her swords, Youmu is good at concentrating and focusing on her tasks. Therefore, she is not distracted easily, and can become absorbed with the things she does. She always speaks her mind, and thus can be a bit insensitive, sometimes speaking ahead without realizing how a person may react. She can accidentally offend people that way, but she’s starting to become more aware of that fact.
Species: Half-human, half-phantom
Gender: Female


History: -placeholder-
Hobbies: In the time she usually has, she practices her swordplay, always striving to be the best at it. In what little free time where she's not attending to other duties or visitors, she likes to read. Because her duties take much time to be done and her mistress often sends her on small errands here and there, she doesn't have too many other things to dabble in. Count her duties--cooking, cleaning, and gardening--as hobbies in such a sense.
Talents: Cooking. While her meals may not always be gloriously fancy, considering there is only one cook behind it all, Youmu does try her hardest to create sufficient and healthy enough meals for her mistress. She's been told that her food is very good.
Gardening. One of her main duties is to take care of the large garden, Hakugyokurou. As such, she waters the plants, weeds them, plants them, grows them, picks them, prunes them, and everything in between. This takes up a large part of her day.
Cleaning. She sweeps the garden and keeps it as clean as possible as well. The buildings and rooms are kept clean as well, things as organized as she hopes it to be.


Hair Color:
Hair Length: Two to three inches below the ear.
Hair Style: Bob cut
Eye Color: Blue
Shape of Pupils: Round
Skin Tone: Average; originally pale due to her half-phantom-ness, but work in the garden and generally outside has tanned her slightly, so she looks fairly normal of Asian skin color.
Height: 5'2". Described as short, and so she looks much younger than she is, even at the slow aging rate of half-phantom humans.
Weight: 100-110 lbs
Body Features: Her phantom half, a mainly formless but round-seeming sort of 'blob', follows her around at all times. She has nicknamed it 'Myon'.


Ears: None
Face: None
Neck: None
Torso: A dark green and white dress; the top is a green buttoned vest with a ghostly insignia by the breast pocket over a puffy long- or short-sleeved collared short.
Waist: The bottom is the other half of the green dress or skirt, with ghostly insignias lining the bottom and ruffles. With her, she always carries her two weapons Hakurouken and Roukanken, strapped to her back and waist, easy to grab at hand if the need arises.
Legs: None
Shoes: Mary Janes.
Accessories: She wears a black ribbon on the side of her head; alternatives her a white line on them or ruffles as well.


Weapons: Hakurouken. The "white tower sword". It is a long katana that was passed down onto her by her grandfather, and is only able to be wielded by the Konpakus. Theoretically, it can cut 'confusion', and cutting ghosts with it will send them straight to nirvana. Using it on humans will work like a regular sword.
Roukanken. The "watchtower sword". It is also a long katana that, theoretically, has the power to cut ten spirits in one stroke. The sword is forged by youkai so it cannot be held by normal humans.
Abilities: Flight. It's a very common ability but it comes in handy nevertheless.
Danmaku. Her danmaku is rather limited, being that it's not the main thing she relies on; she can produce waves of blue, green, red, and yellow bullets in an arrow- or triangle-shape, as well as generally shoot danmaku in most colors with not so much pattern. They're really not particularly strong. She relies on her swords for just about all her attacks.
Strengths: Swordplay. Basically she uses her sword for everything. She's very skilled in both one-sword fighting and dual-sword fighting, so it's not like she's powerless if disarmed one way or the other.
Deflecting Barrier. By spinning her sword very quickly, she can create a sort of barrier that will deflect the oncoming bullets back toward the user. It doesn't last very long, and can be broken by attacking her, but can be a good form of protection if there are too many bullets to dodge at once.
Speed. Her speed is another relying factor, which she uses to attempt to confuse the opponent into believing time is 'slowing down'--but in fact, it's just her going quickly enough to trick the opponent. She can only move so fast in short bursts, however; it's too tiring if she keeps it up, likely due to the limits of her half-human side.
Weaknesses: Danmaku. Danmaku alone, she's not particularly strong or talented. In a purely danmaku battle, which she might prefer to avoid, it's...not so hard to beat her.
Small size. Though she's learn to utilize her small form for speed, she still is of typically small stature; against a large opponent who is both strong and fast, she'll be relying on cutting the opponent, but there should be more openings.

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Youmu Konpaku [Just need history]
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