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 Nue Houjuu [Finished!]

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Kokoro Megido
Kokoro Megido

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Nue Houjuu [Finished!] Empty
PostSubject: Nue Houjuu [Finished!]   Nue Houjuu [Finished!] EmptySat Mar 15, 2014 8:36 pm


The Unidentified Fantastic Flying Girl Nue Houjuu


Name: Nue Houjuu

Age: Over 800 years old (Appears 19 years old in sier human form)

Personality: Nue is as fearsome as someone could get or at least she tries to be all while showing little to no fear even with tough opponents. Stubborn and fierce, Nue is maliciously mischievous, often hoping sier pranks do more harm than good; while being malicious in some ways, sie can be nice if sie wants to and if you get past the fear-causing outer shell siedoes, you can actually have a decent conversation with sier. Sie also feel remorse and empathy even if sie doesn’t shows it.

Nue often looks down on a person because of sier status as a youkai and will get surprised if a). a simple human manages to find sier true form and b). beating sier at sier own game.  It could be noted that sie gets bored easily and also bitterly sarcastic and blunt at times which has caused sier to get into a lot of fights.

Species: Chimera (Nue)

Gender: Genderfluid as Nue feels that she doesn't feel like sie fits either the male or female or other genders all the time. (pronouns are sie replacing she, sier replacing her/siers replacing hers/sierself replacing herself or female/male pronouns depending on what identity sie took, im chill with either binary or nonbinary pronouns)


I'm going to put my Nue history headcanon here that's from my tumblr :

Hobbies: Pranking others, Scaring people, drinking with Mamizou, trying not to get killed by Byakuren, etc.

Talents:  [This can increase if I think of some more]

Fear Harvesting: Nue's pretty good at scaring people, often using their fears and physiologically terror against others to harvest the fear needed for Nues to survive

Living Autopsy: Nue can find out how someone dies by looking at their body however it usually happens when sie finds bodies that went through massive physical/internal damage. For example, if Nue finds a body with all bruised and the limbs are wonky, she can tell that it was beaten to death with a club or one with really strong physical strength.

High Drinking Tolerance: It isn't as high as an Oni's but yeah Nue can drink a lot which can be good and bad.

Pranking: Nue, even though being a fear-causing Chimera, has a good sense of humor and loves pulling pranks with Mamizou which can range from really silly and illogical to really malicious. The more malicious ones Byakuren frowns on highly.


Hair Color: Black hair
Hair Length: Siers hair goes to about above sier's shoulders
Hair Style: Short and straight, often untidy since Nue isn't one to care much about physical appearance.
Eye Color: In sier's human form, her eyes are scarlet red.
Shape of Pupils: Round like a human normally but it has been noted that they often go to cat-eyed pupils whenever she's on a scare run or with other youkai.
Skin Tone: Sier skin is pale to the touch as if it's free of pigment. This makes it easier for sier to change skin tones with sier multiple identities. (that and I wanted to be symbolic with things since blank paper is home to many shapes, colors, and identities much like Nue)
Height: 5'10”
Weight: 155 lbs
Body Features: {Scars, etc} Sier has scars from when sie was stabbed multiple times by arrows.

In Nue's female human form, she wears a black short-sleeved dress with blue and white trim in the middle, a red bow on the front, and a small, yin-yang-like tomoe design at the bottom corner of the skirt of her dress. She wears black thigh-high stockings and red shoes with bows on them.

This is Nue's male identity, I feel this would suit my headcanon of it the most:

Despite being different genders, there's similarities in appearance. One being the account of red and blue wings. Legend has it that before becoming those colors, the red wings used to be swirling monkey tails and the blue ones, slithering snakes that would nip at one's shoulder if you passed Nue.

Speaking of snakes, Nue in both of sier forms has a turquoise colored snake which is one of Nue's many Seeds of Unknown Form.


Weapon/s: Nue carries around a trident for melee attacks and along with sier tiger claws and fangs as well.


Making things unidentified: Nue's main ability is making things unidentified. This means that Nue would take the identity of an object and depending on the person, they would see a different view of it. For example, if Nue used it on a robin bird, one person could see it as a cat while another person could see it as a bluejay.

Chimera Disguising: Being a chimera, Nue can disguise sierself to almost anything. How sie does it is through two ways: One, through sight like Mamizou and sier illusionary tricks and Two, through blood using sier Seeds of Unknown Form to bite and ingest the blood. With this, sie can change into any indentiy even to the point of voice pitch change.

The True Form of a Nue: Nue is a Nue after all so sie has sier form hidden with the human disguises. When Nue turns into sier Chimera form, sier size increases greatly, becoming as large as a mountain. Usually sie only goes through this form when sie's angry beyond sier limit. man monster battles in Gensokyo more like HELLA B)

Danmaku: Nue's danmaku are uindentified. It ranges from amulets to orbs to stars to any kind however most serve to be wild, liner patterns that often change at sier will. Long lasers might turn into moving lines of orbs, spinning circular pattern of orbs might turn into pairs of fast moving knives. It is unknown.


Nue's chimera speed, strength and endurance are huge pluses for sier. Nue's able to take down creatures about the size of buildings and with sier knowledge and experience of fighting, sie's one to be reckoned with.


Other than the obivious thing like varying power levels and such, Nue's arrogance and bloodlust is sier biggest weakness. It makes Nue wildly go into battle which often make sie underestimate opponents and attacks. Sier emotions, the very things sie manipulates, are sier greatest weakness.

That and arrows. Arrows are good against Nue too.

Too kawaii to live, too sugoi to die

Nue Houjuu [Finished!] Tumblr_m7qmpjwD891r2ytf9o1_500
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Nue Houjuu [Finished!] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nue Houjuu [Finished!]   Nue Houjuu [Finished!] EmptySun Jul 06, 2014 10:26 pm

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Nue Houjuu [Finished!]
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