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 Medicine Melancholy [Just need history]

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PostSubject: Medicine Melancholy [Just need history]   Medicine Melancholy [Just need history] EmptySun Mar 16, 2014 5:23 pm

moar placeholders

Little Sweet Poison


Name: Medicine Melancholy
Age: 249 (Appearance age, preteen)
Personality: Medicine is your typical childish girl. She can quickly switch from cheery to angry, is very selfish and stubborn, curious, and seems to take a pastime in insulting people who annoy her. Most of the time, unless ticked off, she's fairly genial, quick to like people who compliment her or give her things. Talking about her history, her owner, her life as a soulless doll, or insulting her (clearly) will get her into a sour mood, which turns her into a normal, badmouthing child.
She hates pity, and generally doesn't like that people see her as a little kid, but since it does get her free food at the human village among other things, she's okay with it.
She doesn't hate humans, but she dislikes them mildly. It's much easier to get her annoyed if one is established human beforehand, but mostly the reason why she doesn't like them is because her previous owner was a human. She doesn't really know how to deal with them, but is learning to.
Species: Doll; [Tsukumogami?]
Gender: Female


Hobbies: Reading books [on poison], napping, picking [poisonous] flowers, exploring Gensokyo.
Talents: Poison. You could say she's a total expert on poison, excels in knowing about and using it. She's spent almost all her living life in a field of poison, after all.
Language of Flowers. She's trying to learn as much of it as she can out of curiosity and also the limited amount Yuuka has taught her. While she doesn't use it very much, she still thinks it's very important to know which flowers are which and what they can mean.


Hair Color:
Hair Length: Shoulder-length, but it has long and short ends.
Hair Style: Slightly curly. It doesn't tangle.
Eye Color: Pale blue.
Shape of Pupils: Round, but slightly angled, as dolls' eyes are.
Skin Tone: Pale, possible equivalent to 'Caucasian' and 'porcelain'.
Height: 4'9".
Weight: 70-90 lbs
Body Features: Her skin is basically all silky and smooth because she was a doll.


A red ribbon right in the middle.
Ears: None.
Face: None.
Neck: None.
Torso: A crimson blouse with darker crimson seams; the blouse has a large red ribbon on it and its collar is white. It's a short puffy-sleeved blouse with ruffles at the edges, and it turns up a bit at the bottom.
Waist: A long dress several shades lighter than the blouse, but not quite red yet. Its seams are the color of the blouse. The back of the dress has a big white ribbon.
Legs: None.
Shoes: Red Mary-Janes.
Accessories: A doll that is constantly around her, nicknamed 'Su-san'. The doll is essentially a copy of Medicine with longer hair and a shorter dress.


Weapon/s: None.
Abilities: Poison. She doesn't know too much about danmaku and generally incorporates poison into everything. Because it's so deadly, it usually works. Also because of this, it's hard to finish a battle with her because usually the poison will overwhelm the opponent and they'll have to leave.
Danmaku. Her danmaku, when not revolving around tossing patches of poisonous clouds toward the opponent, can be large round purple bullets, small white ones, or rice-shaped green/yellow/purple/pink ones, which she can shoot out in bursts but have no particular deadliness or pattern to them. The poison clouds do not interfere with the bullets, however. Su-san can also use these.
Strengths: Poison. The main type of poison she uses is a purple cloud that slows down the opponent and makes them dizzy. When they're slowed down, she usually spams bullets at them or uses the few spellcards she has. Poison is her main reliance.
Weaknesses: Physical Combat. She has no knowledge of it and doesn't figure she ever has to use it. So several jabs or punches can most likely knock her down, also since she's small.
Taunts. She's very selfish and generally prideful, easily subject to taunts which can make her lower her guard completely because of it.
Confidence. She's always sure she can beat the enemy. While this may help her, it means she's probably always underestimating the opponent.
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Medicine Melancholy [Just need history]
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