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 Remilia Scarlet

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Name: Remilia Scarlet
Age: About 500 years (retrains the appearance of a girl from 10-15
Personality: Remilia is a vampire and often puts to use her strong abilities. With how much power she has, she's notorious for behaving as if she were superior to others, humans and youkai alike. However, it's best to avoid correcting her behavior, as she has a short temper and would not hesitate to put you in place. Unfortunately, anyone who deals with her is forced to deal with her pretentious and selfish nature. Despite possessing all this power, her child-like look is not a facade. While she's mostly known for her fearsome and merciless nature, she's curious and excitable and is actually known for exploring around the human village and inviting humans to parties in her mansion. The vampire is likely to do whatever it takes to achieve what she wants, as she even blanketed Gensokyo in a mist of scarlet to allow her to play during the day.
Gender: Female


History:She's not a native to Gensokyo and came here for very private reasons that would take more effort than it's worth to expose. Remilia was known far longer before she arrived as the infamous Scarlet Devil for her inability to eat cleanly. Merely to play outside during the daytime, she created a scarlet mist that would block out the sun. Has declared that she's killed all the other vampires residing in Gensokyo, however this may be a lie. She also brags about being related to Tepes but that's also very unlikely.
Hobbies:Throwing parties, causing mischief, manipulating fate, running her mansion, chatting with the residents in her home
Manipulating Fate:While with this power, she could easily dominate all of Gensokyo and become an invincible foe, she only uses this ability sparingly considering it to be boring to manipulate everyone's fate by her will.
Charisma: The fear everyone has of her allows her to exceed in charisma.


Hair Color:
Pale blue
Hair Length:Falls to her shoulders
Hair Style: Styled in a bob, but seems to be wavy. Her hair isn't thick nor thin
Eye Color:Crimson red
Shape of Pupils: It depends on the situation, under light they turn narrow in a vertical fashion similar to a cat. In the dark, they're rounded like a human's.
Skin Tone: Incredibly pale, almost in a sickly way.
Height: 4'10
Weight: About 100
Body Features: {Scars, etc}Has an enormous pair of bat-like wings that sit on her back. They're wider than she is tall, giving the impression that's she's much bigger than she actually is.


Wears a pale pink mob cap rimmed with a red ribbon lined with a single white stripe.
Face: Wears a light coat of pink lipstick
Torso:Wears a pale pink bell-shaped dress with puffy short sleeves with a bright red bow on the end. Her collar is in a triangle-like shape, its bordered with a trim of bright red and has ruffles.
Waist:A waistband that connect to the large red bow behind her back
Shoes:Red Mary Janes
Accessories: N/A


Weapon/s:Gungnir, a spear known for blessed ability of perfect accuracy
Abilities: She's blessed with the typical vampire gifts such as strength that surpasses humans and incredible speed. Famous for her ability to manipulate other's fate.
Strengths:Possesses a frightening amount of speed and incredible strength.
Common Vampire Weaknesses:While being a vampire comes with many perks, she comes with numerous weaknesses. Her most famous one being her inability to deal with sunshine. She also cannot cross running water(which could be rain or a stream). and can't stand garlic.
Ego:Rarely occurs, but sometimes will underestimate her opponent.

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Remilia Scarlet
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