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 Letty Whiterock [In Progress]

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Roleplay info

Letty Whiterock [In Progress] Empty
PostSubject: Letty Whiterock [In Progress]   Letty Whiterock [In Progress] EmptyFri Sep 12, 2014 11:47 pm

I just wanna get this stuff pasted somewhere before I get down to it.


Name: Letty Whiterock
Age: 138 [Appears 27-ish]
Personality: An ‘older woman’ type. She usually knows more than she lets on…
Generally, she’s very cheery and helpful. The observant type as a result of not doing much most of the time, she’s taken it to be the motherly friend to a few like Cirno and the other fairies. While not particularly nosy, she won’t hesitate to curiously inquire about anything that piques her interest.
She’s pretty interested in the outside world, often a visitor to Rinnosuke’s shop to look at his antiques and strange gadgets. Because she becomes a bit of a recluse in the summer, she has a lot of time to waste; she fiddles with said gadgets, reads, and the like. When it’s warm, she is the lazy type.
Winter is when she is happiest. Summer and spring depress her.
Species: Yuki-onna
Gender: Female


History: A long time ago, Letitia was a yuki-onna living in the outside world - a typical one, lurking in blizzards and seducing weary travelers with illusions and her beauty. She would then follow to leave them in the cold to die. Once she came to Gensokyo, she chose to abandon those ways of a yuki-onna, and adopt the semi-alias ‘Letty’ from then on. She has been living in Gensokyo over 70 years now. [WIP]
Hobbies: Reading, taking walks, napping


Hair Color:
Pale lavender
Hair Length: A bit above the shoulder
Hair Style: Curly/Wavy
Eye Color: Blue
Shape of Pupils: Almond
Skin Tone: Pale, Caucasian
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 52-4 kg
Body Features: {Scars, etc}


White fluffy hat
Ears: None
Face: None
Neck: Long white scarf


Weapon/s: None
Abilities: Manipulation of Cold. As is. While she cannot ‘generate’ blizzards or snow, she can strengthen the ‘cold’ present, such as in winter. Therefore, she is also strongest in the winter. Her full power is unclear, but she would be able to pull all of Gensokyo into an incident where winter would not end. However, she never uses her power to that extent. Most of the time, she lowers the temperature around her to keep herself cooler.
It’s not her strong point, and she doesn’t use it often, but it comes in the form of ice, crystals, and blue bullets. She prefers to talk out or avoid conflicts, especially in hot months. Only in winter is she more likely to utilize her bullets for those threatening her and winter.
Strengths: Cold weather. Self-explanatory.
Weaknesses: [b]Hot weather. Both lazy and weak attack here. She rarely leaves the home.[/v]

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Letty Whiterock [In Progress]
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