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 Rin Kaenbyou [WIP]

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PostSubject: Rin Kaenbyou [WIP]   Rin Kaenbyou [WIP] EmptySat Sep 13, 2014 2:15 am


Name: Rin Kaenbyou (although nicknamed "Orin")
Age: Unknown but implied to be very old. Takes the form of teenager
Personality: Despite being the sort of species that commits crimes such as robbing corpses from funerals, Orin is famous for her amiable personality. She resides in the former Hell of Blazing Fires ordered by her doleful master Satori to maintain wandering spirits. Although terrified at the idea of disobeying her loving master, she enjoys other gutsy and competitive company. She's informal however, regardless of the individual she's speaking with. The kasha is far more preoccupied with conversations initiated by corpses, she's fascinated and a bit amused with the fact most corpses are oblivious to the fact they're dead. Orin is a rather hard working and optimistic fellow, even if her behavior can be morally questionable. Tough luck, that's the way kashas are.
Species: Kasha
Gender: Female


History: Began life as a simple black cat who happened to enjoy the taste of souls and corpses. Eventually, her diet began to increase the length of her lifespan and gave her unusual powers. Years passed and the once normal cat became a hellish youkai. For years she roamed free robbing open corpses, regardless of the situation. Eventually, like other youkai with detestable powers, was banished to the underground where others like her resided. Although she communicated with corpses freely, no one understood her like mistress Satori. Like all animals, she was no different and looked up to the nosy youkai and began to serve under her as a figure who maintains spirits. Orin was responsible for launching the evil spirits up the geyser, which began the events of Subterranean Animism
Hobbies: Robbing corpses, doing her duty as a spirit communicator, neck rubs, and other lovable cat things.
Able to communicate with corpses and spirits: This ability in hand managed to make Orin one of the most useful animals in Satori's mansion.


Hair Color:
Candy Red
Hair Length: Very long
Hair Style: Styled into twin braids ending with a pair of black bows
Eye Color: Crimson
Shape of Pupils: Eyes react to situations the way a cat would
Skin Tone: Deathly pale
Height: 5'0
Weight: 120 lbs (has a very compact sort of figure)
Body Features: {Scars, etc} Has two black cat ears and a tail that splits into two on. Looks unusual, having an almost Cheshire Cat appearance about her...She's also a bit freckled


A black bow sits on top of her head
Ears: N/A
Face: N/A
Neck: A thin red band is around her neck. The style of her collar happens to wrap around her neck.
Torso: Wears a long dress that falls a little below her knees. It has an unusual print, having numerous teal flora designs. The dress ends in a long evergreen colored trim. The same trim is on the end of her sleeves with a bright red band separating the print from the trim.
Waist: There's a thin waistband wrapped around her waist
Legs: A black and white ribbon is tied around her right leg
Shoes: Wears black mary janes tied with a cute black bow on top
Accessories: Carries around her cat cart.


Weapon/s: Well, if she really wanted to, she could ram you with her cat cart.
Abilities: Able to communicate with spirits and corpses which can be used as her weapon, can shift from a human-like form to full on cat, and talented with danmaku
Strengths: Agile due to her feline origins, and unusually good with danmaku with the assistance of her fellow deceased pals. Although, she's more than competent on her own with her wide and quick spread.
Weaknesses: Although not to the extent of another certain cat youkai...She's not big on water and can be scared off with that. She's despises disobeying her master as well.

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Rin Kaenbyou [WIP]
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