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 Shattered...[Closed RP with whoever PM's me first.]

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Shattered...[Closed RP with whoever PM's me first.] Empty
PostSubject: Shattered...[Closed RP with whoever PM's me first.]   Shattered...[Closed RP with whoever PM's me first.] EmptyWed Jan 15, 2014 4:29 am


That was all she could see, was it her own blood? She didn’t know, the pain had long since left her, but she could still hear the sounds…the sickening sounds as they attacked her.
Tokiko wasn’t just someone no one cared for, she was openly a target for many of the cruel humans who inhabited the village. This one night, a group of them decided to vent their frustration on life at her.  Red streamed down her face from a gruesome wound on her forehead, her right arm bruised and broken, her wings in tatters. She lay on her back, facing the unforgiving grin of the moon, a puddle of blood slowly growing around her.

She would cry, but there were no more tears that wanted to escape. Her vision was cloudy as she watched her attackers prepared for another barrage of attacks.

One grabbed her by the hair and yanked her upwards before throwing her face first into a wall and then stepping on her back. She gasped for air as she struggled to turn around, but was met by a blunt object to the face, which made her head injury even worse. She fell backwards and slumped against the wall, no will to fight back left in her. The sad thing is…this group wasn’t only made of humans, some were youkai as well.

She gave a silent prayer, but knew it would never be answered. She awaited the final attack, the attack that would kill her.
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Shattered...[Closed RP with whoever PM's me first.]
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