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 Ghosts of the Past[Closed RP with Shizuku]

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Ghosts of the Past[Closed RP with Shizuku] Empty
PostSubject: Ghosts of the Past[Closed RP with Shizuku]   Ghosts of the Past[Closed RP with Shizuku] EmptyThu Feb 20, 2014 6:53 pm

The wind…was it trying to tell him something? He stood in front of the gates to his old home…his silver hair hanging in front of his emerald eyes. Katana on his back, the cool breeze seemed to point in the direction of what he had always wanted to return to.

His right foot forward, and then left, he slowly ascended the stairs. It had been so long since he had been here…so very long. How much did he miss? How were Youmu and Yuyuko doing? So many thoughts criss crossed his mind.

The time was early morning as he entered the temple courtyard, it seemed no one was awake yet, but knowing the routine of a Konpaku, Youmu should be waking fairly shortly. The sun warmed his back, showing off the kanji that read “Konpaku” as he made his way toward the main building.

Ghosts of the Past[Closed RP with Shizuku] Tumblr_inline_n17oagQ2p51sa68r8

"How much time has passed?" He asked himself as spirits fluttered around him, as if to welcome him home from his long journey. It was almost tragic really, would he be greeted with smiles…or tears? Would they think he betrayed them by his own greed? These were among the many fears he had…yet still he hoped for the better. 

He stopped in front of the main door and simply sat on the steps, placing his bag and sword beside him. He began to admire the sakura tree’s and reminisce about times long past.

The times he was young and Yuyuko was alive, when people visited the temple with a smile and this was home to a bustling family, a proud two clans. He could remember his son’s brave face, and the innocent smile of his young granddaughter, Youmu. Yes…the times he forever wished he could return to, but were to be out of grasp for all eternity.

Sometimes he wished he could change things, to have saved his son’s life…to have saved Yuyuko’s life…so many different pathes destiny could have taken, why this one? Why couldn’t the tides of fate have taken his life instead of his son’s? The pain of outliving your own child is one he could not bear…yet he forced himself to become stronger…to grow into the best swordsman that was capable of protecting anyone…for the sake of the child his son left behind. For the sake of Yuyuko’s happiness. 

Now he had finally returned, the flow of time had begun to move once more…in what direction? Not even he knew.

Ghosts of the Past[Closed RP with Shizuku] Tumblr_inline_n17okd3DvY1sa68r8

Perhaps that was a thing one would say he had no power over…but that was why he trained. The blade that could cut through fate, he wouldn’t allow anyone to cry ever again…he never wanted to see such pain on anyone’s face. That was his job, as the Konpaku Master.

Things were sure to get exciting now, in one way or another, be it positive or negative. He couldn’t help but laugh. 

It was good to be home.
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Ghosts of the Past[Closed RP with Shizuku]
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